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How to Purchase

We sell our exercises in packs with enough materials for you to administer the exercise to up to six candidates.  The materials are for one time use and cannot be duplicated or reproduced.  They can be sent to you digitally at your desk.

A pack contains: 

  • 6 x Instructions for Participant

  • 6 x Assessor Rating forms written against the Persona Competencies with positive and negative indicators listing the sort of behaviours you might expect to see a candidate display

  • 6 x Self-Review forms which may be used if you wish to capture the participant’s own self reflections on their performance in the exercise

  • 1 x Assessor guide containing the administration instructions for the exercise and any information that the assessor is required to have.  For a role play this would include the instructions for the role player and for an analysis exercise, in-tray or group it would include any relevant insights or numerical analysis that the assessor might find useful.


Where clients wish to assess large numbers of candidates, we can discuss flexible options with you using the digital download option.

Once you have browsed the exercises and made a selection (for more information see About the Exercises) please contact us discuss your purchase.  If you have not purchased before you will need to complete a registration form.  If you have questions or need some help with your selection, please get in touch using Contact Us or Chat.

We sometimes get contacted by candidates who wish to purchase exercises for practice purposes.  We understand the desire to do this, but we cannot sell exercises to anyone who is not trained or experienced in the use of assessment exercises or working under the supervision of someone who is.   

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