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About the Exercises

We offer an exercise bank of over 60 well-proven assessment exercises which have been designed to assess performance for both selection and development purposes.  The exercises can be used in both face to face and virtual assessments.


There is a range of different exercise types to choose including analysis, group and role play exercises as well as a variety of different business scenarios.  All exercises have been researched, developed and tested by experienced assessment practitioners. They are available to organisations for use by suitably trained/experienced assessors (Persona can also supply assessors or assessor training).


Participants receive a large amount of information in the form of emails, reports etc and must analyse this to generate a presentation or written report containing their analysis and providing suggested actions.


The exercise is intended to simulate the contents of a typical inbox and participants must work their way through correspondence of differing levels of urgency, planning, responding and delegating.


Participants work in a group on a specific task and assessors are able to observe their interactions to see how effectively they can operate in a team based setting to achieve a goal.

Role Play

Available in coaching and negotiation formats, participants have a preparation period where they review material before meeting with a role player with a number of aims to achieve.

Fact Find

In this exercise participants are given a decision to make and must question a resource person to acquire information and use this to make the best and justify their decision. 

Each exercise has a number of components that include instructions for the participant, guidance for the assessor/s and administrator, as well as a participant self review.  An assessor rating form is provided for each exercise using selected criteria from our competency model.  The assessor rating form can be adapted for use with other competency frameworks.  


The exercises are suitable for participants of all levels, ranging from administrative to executive.

We also design bespoke exercises, so if you don’t see what you need please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and possible solutions.


Suitable for a wide range of roles including admin and clerical staff, call centres staff, frontline customer service roles


Ideal for roles where there is no requirement for significant organisational experience

First Line Manager

Primarily for new or junior managers, or managers with little experience of people management

Middle Manager

For experienced managers, including those who are familiar with people management


Targeted at senior managers with significant experience.  These are stretching exercises

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